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Nicolas de Barry is an unusual person in the world of perfumery. He studied both sociology and politics. He was awarded a "Prix d'Histoire de l'Académie Française". He has already published 15 books among them a novel and a play. Before starting in the perfume business in 1992, he was a diplomat.
His encounters with Edmond Roudnitska (the genious behind Diorissimo and Eau Sauvage), Françoise Marin, long time director of " Givaudan-Roure" Perfumery School, in Grasse, and Rodrique Romani, gave birth to his commitment to this profession.
Nicolas de Barry likes to pay hommage to his masters: "Perfumery is an art one learns with the masters. I am following in their tradition."
In Brazil where it all began, he became the perfumer of "high society" for whom he made exclusive fragrances.
In France he bought the Château de Frileuse near Blois in the Loire Valley where he has set up a perfume Atelier and a garden of scents.
There, he creates perfumes and welcomes clients like the Comtesse de Paris for whom he created her very own fragrance.
Nicolas de Barry also organizes workshops and Master Classes worldwide.

He is the author of numerous books on perfumery:
« L' ABCdaire du parfum »("The ABC 's of perfume"),Flammarion, with G. Vindry and M. Turonnet;

« Des parfums à faire soi-même »("Make your own perfumes"), Minerva;

« L' Inde des parfums » (" India, country of fragrances "), Garde-Temps.

He is also the general secretary of the 'Prix International du Parfum' which he founded in 2000.

In 2003 he designed a new collection 'Les Parfums Historiques' . He recreated with the utmost fidelity the genuine perfumes of George Sand, Marguerite de Vallois (Queen Margot), King Louis XV, marquise de Pompadour, Empress Sissi... He is currently working on many more.
He takes great care to find the finest natural ingredients for his scents from the best sources around the world. Nicolas de Barry now proposes 100 % natural perfumes. These are rare and precious oils like Aloes wood, Rose from Grasse or Crimea, Blue Lotus from Thailand and many others...

He has limited perfume series for sale on this website.

Chevalier des Arts et Lettres

On January 18th 2011, Nicolas de Barry was honored as Chevalier des Arts et Lettres by M. Frédéric Mitterrand, French Minister of Culture and Communication.
Nicolas de Barry: Des Parfums à faire soi-même (éditions Minerva)
 Price: 30 euros

Nicolas de Barry: L'Inde des Parfums (éditions Garde-Temps)
Price 30 euros

Nicolas de Barry: L'ABCdaire du Parfum (avec Maité Turonnet et Georges Vindry)
Price: 10 euros
Château de Frileuse
41120 Les Montils (France)
tel.+ 33.973648789


Oud: Customized perfume
Personal and customized

Your custom-made perfume with Oud (Agarwood) will follow the oriental tradition.
Nicolas de Barry is specialized in the creation of perfumes for more than 10 years: he travels to Asia to select the raw materials with the best of quality (To know more about the Oud, click here to read his article – in French). This essence is the most expensive one in the world and they are often falsified. In the field of commercial perfumery, the scent is mostly given by synthetic products. For the true lovers of the Oud, the perfumer proposes 100% natural products (see perfume Kyara in the section Natural Perfumes) and now, for you, the custom-made perfumes:
You can add a floral note (rose, jasmine, tuberose, osmanthus, lotus, neroli, iris, etc.) and chose the balance with the Oud: you will receive the first sample of your creation, then, you will receive a second sample with the corrections made by yourself. You will also chose the concentration and the base (alcohol or pure concentrated without alcohol, or even in balm). At the final stage, you will receive your custom-made perfume in a bottle made of Murano crystal, with gold 24 carats, made in Florence, Italy.
Fees: Each sample of 3ml: 300 euros
The perfume, in 150 ml, after your acceptance of your custom-made perfume: 950 euros
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