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There is hundred species of this flower so expensive to the perfume shop. Mainly cultivated in Fat of the XVIth century at the beginning of the XXth century, the jasmine, said " the flower ", give a lot of curvature to a perfume. Approximately ten thousand flowers are needed to obtain, by extraction, one kilogram of absolute. Today, this fragile flower almost disappeared from our country. Some big perfumers still preserve their own field of jasmine in Fat; the great majority find from now on the best absolute in Egypt and in India, where from the jasmine is native. This sensual and heady flower has a fundamental importance in the composition of perfumes, in the same way as the rose.

Our perfume is built around the powerful note of Oud and the Jasmine of India, associated with the sandalwood with a track of osmanthus of China for a very pure version of the essential wooden oil of aloe (Aquilaria subintrega) of Thailand.

Oud du Siam et son Jasmin des Indes

960,00 €Prix
  • Cristal bottle, 150 mL, Eau de parfum 15% concentration.
    Produced in Nicolas de Barry's workshop, 100% natural.
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