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Oud Impérial: Kyara is the japanese name of the finest quality of agarwood that used to be reserved for the emperor’s use only. Originating from the forests in Southeast Asia, it is better known by its Arab name, “Oud”. This wood comes from a tree that occasionally secretes a fragrant resin. The Buddha considered this wood as being the perfume of Nirvana and the prophet Mahomet considered it as being the perfume of paradise; it has been used in perfumery since the time of  ancient Egyptians. It is one of the most mysterious raw materials in perfumery, and the most expensive.


Our perfume is constructed around this powerful note, blended with Sandalwood and complemented by Vanilla and Iris to create a very pure version of essential oil of agarwood (Aquilaria subintrega) from Thailand. Oud, Vanilla and Iris are the three most expensive raw materials of perfumery.

Oud Imperial

1 030,00 €Prix
  • Cristal bottle, 150 mL, Eau de parfum 15% concentration.
    Produced in Nicolas de Barry's workshop, 100% natural.
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