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Originally, it is a rosemary flower alcoholate created in 1370 for the wife of King Charles Robert of Hungary, Elizabeth of Poland. The Queen of Hungary used it intensively, internally and externally, throughout her life. Legend has it that this marvellous water (received from the hands of an angel) allowed her to retain her beauty and that it was thanks to it that she was proposal to by the Prince of Poland when she was 72 years old. There is no historical confirmation to support this beautiful story. But it contributed to make her a mythical product until the 18th century... The Water restores the aroma of rosemary flower, on a structure of medicinal herbs (rosemary, sage, lavender, thyme etc.) for the purpose of water of health it is the ancestor of Cologne.

Water of the queen of hungary

210,00 €Prix
  • 100ml glass bottle, spray, Eau de Parfum.
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