Solid Perfumes : Perfumed Balms


Nicolas de Barry has created, in 2016,  a collection of solid perfumes : Perfumed Balms. To be applied on the skin, these balms are more concentrated in fragrance than alcohol-based perfumes.

He offers several creations that bring back yesteryear fragrances, adapted to the contraints of contemporary perfumery.




Baume de Martin: To commemorate the 1700th anniversary of Saint-Martin in 2016, the perfumer Nicolas de Barry, who installed his workshop of creation the same year in the place where Saint-Martin returned its soul to God, imagined "Onguentum Sacrum". In other words, it is the perfume inspired from the practises of Roman Empire, where cosmetics occupied a special place, and perfume (per-fumum means " by the smoke ") was for religious purposes...

Certainly, Saint-Martin experienced the second part of his life in asceticism when he did not use perfume. However, as a centurion (serviceman of high rank) in the Roman army, he was probably a regular user. At that time, solid perfumes (balms), and oil were used during  the bath.

In "Baume de Martin", Nicolas de Barry made room for the fashionable oriental scents in late Roman Empire, with a note of rose which will also become a sacred note, and a wooden track of Aloe (Oud) and Myrrh, materials as noble as the body of Christ (Gospel according to saint Jean).


           - 12mL, 40% concentration. Produced in Nicolas de Barry's workshop :  70 Euros.


Baume of Pure Jasmin: In southern India, in Karnataka State, Jasmine is picked at dawn and treated immediately. A floral explosion, but also very complex fact that it is a perfume alone.

We offer solid perfume in its purity of concrete and conventional version, backed by a bouquet of citrus.


           - 12mL, 40% concentration. produced in Nicolas de Barry's workshop :  240 Euros.


Baume of Margot: The Queen Margot, made famous by the novel that Alexandre Dumas wrote about her, was born Marguerite de Valois, in 1553. Her image is that of a very beautiful and highly cultured woman, as can been seen by her memoirs and various poems that she wrote.  

The Queen was always faithful to classical scents of ambergris and musk that accompanied the potent jasmine. These three very expensive scents were regularly ordered by Marguerite from her Parisian supplier.

Like her mother, Catherine de Medici, she carried on the elegant traditions of the royal houses by writing on perfumed paper bearing her coat of arms.  

Many witnesses of the time spoke of her charms and of the elegance of her perfumes, either to praise her or to shower abuse on her, giving her the reputation of a « femme fatale » such as depicted by Alexandre Dumas in his novel. 

It is thanks to research done by Janine Garrison that Nicolas de Barry managed to re-create this perfume worn by this exceptional queen.  

Janine Garrison has spent many years in the National Archives studying this Queen and in particular the accountancy of the House of the Queen of Navarre. In these accounts appear orders at regular dates, for the following articles : musk, ambergris and jasmine. As a woman of the Renaissance Period, and as a creative woman   (fashion, poetry…), Marguerite prepared the perfumed ointments herself using these precious raw materials.


In order to re-create Marguerite's perfume in a more contemporary version, Nicolas de Barry had to reconstitute or imitate certain elements that no longer exist on the market such as jasmine essence obtained by ancient cold extraction methods or natural musk.


With these three reconstituted elements, the harmony of the accord jasmine/ ambergris/ musk is instantly recognizable, with a dominant note of fresh smelling jasmine, softened by the presence of ambergris and an almost honeyed and « spiced » sensual musk. 


Marguerite de Valois, rediscovered perfume, the "La Reine Margot", leaves a lingering scent of jasmine that Brentôme loved so much; and Dumas transformed into:  Margot the "femme fatale"...


           - 12mL, 40% concentration. Produced in Nicolas de Barry's workshop :  70 Euros.


As all of these perfumes are pure and natural, they may contain some substances that are likely to cause allergies as all natural products do. Therefore, please use them with precaution; avoid exposing your skin to sun after application.


All orders will be confirmed with a detailed quote mentioning and the total price for the order including transport costs and the expected delivery date. Payment is made once the order has been confirmed.

These solid perfumes, with a capacity of 12 mL , 50% are concentrated. To order these balms, please visit the shop.